Network Marketing Business Plan – The Number One Item You Should Be Working On – Stop Struggling

What if there was a way to stop struggling and failing in network marketing. Multi-level marketing is a business in which 97% of the individuals that get involved in it, struggle and fail. One of the reasons that so many do so is because the majority of marketers come into to the business without business plan.

Having a business plan is the number one thing that separates those that struggle and fail in this arena from the ones that don’t. It’s like having a road map that tells you where to go and how you’re going to get there.

I was recently with some of the industries leaders at a network marketing conference and this is the blue print that the top 3% of recruiters use for their success.

In your business plan you have to focus on these three things to ensure your success:

Construct a huge list:

The most beneficial asset that you as a marketer can have is your personal list. You can very easily say that your list is your business, no list no business. Take this example for instance, say that your primary company goes out of business for some reason or another; you’ll still be in business because of your list. You a can take your list with you to another company.

Also with your list you can monetize it with either your products or affiliate products that you sell from time to time. Whatever strategies that you use to build your list make sure to brand yourself as the leader in your business opportunity. You have to take the lead at some point, only leaders make it in the business of MLM.

Build a Relationship with your list:

Rare thinking people such as yourself already know that in business one of the first things that a company does is try to build some sort of relationship with you. That’s why they ask for your e-mail address, so that they can contact you. This is even more the case in network marketing, keep in mind that people join people and they buy from people they trust.

You develop a relationship with your prospects, simply by giving them value. Ask yourself what are some things that you can give your prospects for free which will benefit them and attract them to your business opportunity, how can you help to solve their pain.

Sell to your list:

Don’t leave any money on the table, like a card player takes it all with you. This is where most marketers fail, they do a decent job of promoting their business, but they miss the mark when it comes to monetizing it.

You need a system in place that encourages your prospect to buy something from you while there making the decision to join you in business. Even if they never get into business with you, at least you have generated some capital to help keep you in business.